Category: Networking

  • VOIP at Home

    As part of a side project I jumped into the “exciting” world of VOIP and Telephony. Of course, as soon as someone mentioned VOIP or PBX I think Asterisk. Now, I’ve heard of Asterisk for years, and I’ve always considered setting up a PBX at home but I could never figure out how I would […]

  • New Toys!

    Did a border run today to pick up whole bunch of new toys from CBI. Can’t wait to tear into this stuff…

  • New Mail Server – The Search

    Looking to set up a new mail server. Currently running Exchange Server but it’s a pain to manage multiple domains. Spam filtering not great. I have few dozen domains and I’d like to consolidate them. I need an easy to use and manage server where I don’t have to spend too much time on it. […]

  • Upgrading Force10 S50

    I picked up another Force10 S50 switch from eBay. This one will be going to the datacenter to replace a couple of Dell switches. First thing’s first. Need to configure the switch for remote management. Let’s see what we got. Force10 Boot Code… Version 01.00.25 05/12/2005 Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds […]

  • How to bring down a rack in just few quick easy steps.

    Note to self. pfSense full + SSD = Not Good. Had a bit of a kerfuffle over the long weekend. Was working remotely on a firewall trying to get NAT through VPN working properly, the firewall didn’t appear to work as it should so I decided to reboot it to make sure all routes are […]

  • New Program – Start Usage

    Developed a small tool to monitor Bandwidth usage for Start Communications. Details here

  • Windows 7 PPTP VPN Local Domain Authentication

    Here’s a hidden gem. When connecting to another site domain via Windows PPTP (Yeah I know it’s no longer secure). Windows will lose connectivity to the local domain and might even cause an account lockout as Windows will attempt to use VPN credentials on local domain and will fail authentication often without a prompt. There’s […]

  • pfSense on Watchguard Firebox x5000

    It’s been a while since I played around with firewalls. Picked up a really cheap Watchguard Firebox x5000 Peak on eBay. Could not resist taking the Peak platform for a spin with pfSense. I’ve heard good things about the power of the “Peak” platform. Even though the x5000 is older generation than the typical x550/x750s […]

  • pfSense on Watchguard Firebox – More Tweaks

    There’s a known problem with pfSense 2.0.1 and Watchguard Firebox x750e and x1250e. Namely the additional 4 NIC interfaces have a tendency to drop out with a Watchdog error and the only remedy is to reboot the box. I came across a fix that seems to resolve the issue permanently. Been running for 2 weeks […]

  • Netgear GS716T Fan Fix

    I’ve had this Netgear GS716T for about 5 years, even then I already bought it used from eBay. Couple of days ago the fans finally gave up the ghost. Replacing them is pretty trivial though as I’ve already replaced fans in several switches recently. It’s easy enough to remove the cover as none of the […]

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