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Back to windows. Installing hMailServer was once again a trivial matter.

But, what’s this? No web admin? That’s not good.

It does support external Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filtering. But without web admin features, it’s not for me.


  • Built-In Spam Filtering
  • Supports SpamAssasin (external)
  • Support ClamAV (external)
  • No built-in web ui. Would require 3rd party IMAP app
  • No web based admin.
  • Easy to install
  • Very fast, lightweight

Conclusion: If I’m ever looking for an IMAP/POP solution, this one could be the ticket.

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  1. Found your site when searching for info on the Intel Dual node 1U server and then stumbled upon this thread. Save yourself some time and choose zimbra. I’ve already done most of the research for you and its the best available if you want a fully featured mail server. Also, you might want to look into zextras for things like activesync, backups, etc a few other tools. Well worth the small extra investment.

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