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  • Agilent 6632B Repair & Front Panel conversion

    I picked up a “gently used” Agilent 6632B 0-20V, 0-5A Power Supply from Kijiji the other day. Seemed like a kick ass deal so I jumped on it. The power supply was in decent shape, a bit dirty but fully functional. This is my first pro grade DC power supply. Not only it is extremely […]

  • Baytech RPC3 Remote Power Controller

    Thanks to another great find by members over at Serve The Home forums, I picked up a couple of Baytech RPC-3 remote PDUs for dirt cheap. Even though the Baytech Units are rated for 20Amps and come with a 20 amp plug, my home feed is only 15A so first order of business is to […]

  • Another RC Flasher Build

    I built few more RC flasher boards. Few for friends and one more for another truck of mine. Same design as original but slightly different Arduino code.

  • RGB Fan Mod

    Few months ago I used some RGB LED lighting in my room (eBay China special). The setup uses an IR remote control and a control box to control the lighting. Power is supplied via a high current 12V power supply (10A supply) My “gaming” computer uses green LED fans which looks kind of odd when […]

  • Minuteman RPM1601 Smart Power Switch

    I did another border run recently to pick up some more eBay goodies. Over the last month or so I scored some incredible deals on server hardware. Picked up a couple of Intel SR1680MV Dual node servers, my favorite in 1U config right now. A really cheap HP Storageworks MSA70 with 25 Trays and some […]

  • New Project Idea!

    Ok. Not much detail yet. But I have a couple of Beaglebone Blacks and a couple of Raspberry PIs on the way. Guess I should brush up on my Python….. Update: Sept 12, 2013 The BeagleBone and RasPi boards have arrived. Really looking forward to seeing what they can do. I still can’t get over […]

  • RC Flasher Project

    My RC Flasher Project is complete. I’ve done a write up of it here.

  • Gauge Pod 2.0 – Sender (pt 2)

    I’ve spent about 2 days on dealing with the ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) of the Arduino platform. Turns out there’s more problems to overcome when dealing with taking analog signal from a sensor and converting it to meaningful digital reading. The issue is that even with a constant input voltage the ADC reading sampling […]

  • Gauge Pod 2.0 – Sender

    I’ve started working on Gauge Pod 2.0 for the Challenger. The original version had some issues as described here. The original sender was located under the dash. Currently utilizes three sensors (AFR, Boost and Fuel Pressure). The box was built to support more sensors but in the end I ended up using only those three. […]

  • Traxxas Slash + 1W LEDs

    A while ago I was browsing parts in a local hobby store and I came across an RPM part for my Traxxas Slash. It’s an offroad light bar (RPM #80922). The product is meant to be used with typical 3mm LED’s, in fact, RPM sells an LED kit that fits the canisters. Looking at the […]

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