AR Tray Spy

I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since I released the first version of this utility.


It’s also been 5 years since the last update was released. Just curious if anyone out there still uses it?

I’m still using it to monitor the servers that are hosted at Classic Game Servers

Download v2.3.1

Download v2.3.1 (with .Net 1.1 Runtime)

2 responses to “AR Tray Spy”

  1. I still use this to monitor my Mohaa Spearhead server and a few others.
    This has been many years now over 10 I think. However if you release another version, IL2 Sturmovick 1946, Joint Operations and Joint ops AW2 could be added. This is why I stopped in, to check for an update.

    • Unfortunately the source code for AR Tray Spy is long gone. Turns out that all the backup CD’s I made over the years went bad. There’s just no demand for AR Tray Spy to justify rewriting it.

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