2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

In the fall of 2007 I traded my old ’98 Cadillac STS for this Dodge Manum R/T.

When I first bought the car, I signed up at LXForums to read up on any potential issues with the car. Little did I know that the mod bug would bite so hard. It wasn’t long before I started tearing into the car.

It started innocently enough. New Wheels and Tints (Windows, Tails), eBay Halo Headlights. Debadged the hatch and front quarter panels.


The more time I spent on LXForums, the more mod ideas came up. The LX Platform was still relatively new and the tuning/aftermarket options were pretty slim back then. As vendors came up with new products, things were being added to the car on a regular basis.

I added:

  • Honeycomb Grille
  • TommyZ Hood (only 4 of them in Canada)
  • Danko Chin Spoiler
  • Wrapped the Wheels in Toyo Proxes 4s (255s)
  • Blastin’ Bobs 9db resonator eliminator kit.
  • 180F T-Stat
  • Mopar Cold Air Intake

I also got a Superchips Tuner to advance the engine timing and firm up the shifts a bit. The Magnum really woke up with the canned tune the Superchips Tuner provided.

By then I was making regular trips to the drag strip (Toronto Motorsports Park @ Cayuga) and wanted to go even faster. So I decided to throw some nitrous on the car. Wasn’t long before UPS was making regular stops

I ordered the ZEX Wet Shot Kit for the Hemi (#82177). Also ordered

  • one step colder NGK Irridium spark plugs
  • Zex window switch
  • Zex bottle warmer
  • Zex blowdown kit
  • Zex purge kit
  • Nordskog Gauges (Fuel Pressure, N2O Pressure and A/F Ratio).
  • A Pillar Gauge Pod
  • Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband Kit
  • Nitrous Outlet EFI Plate

I installed the bottle bracket in the spare wheel well, so the bottle was completely hidden from view.



The setup was a success. With a fresh filled bottle, I was able to hit 12.75@105 in the 1/4 mile.



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