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  1. Hi Tom,

    I just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of good information here and I appreciate you putting it out there.

    I just bought a watchguard X550e for my home network (which funny enough already has a Force10 switch running it)..

    Did you ever figure out the iSCSI speed issue that you wrote about?



    • Hi Adam,

      If you mean the vSphere iSCSI issue. Then yeah, turns out the problem was me running the benchmarks from vSphere console. Running the benchmarks from an actual VM properly utilized all interfaces. Everything is golden and getting pretty wicked speeds to the file server.


    • The Greater Than sign was just a typo. I’ve fixed it.

      I really do not have an explanation why traffic each way is not the same speed. I’ve repeated the tests several times to confirm the findings.


  2. Hi Tom, in a FB feed I was looking at pics of someone doing Tesla coil work .. and thought of you … and remembered ‘altered realms’ … and voila here you still are. Glad to see you’re still having fun with your tech and toys, and hoping all is well with you. When last we connected it was over CMC and motorcycles. I was still living in Ottawa then but have retired since, (still riding) and living on small horse farm off HW 2 near Quinte’s Isle. If you’ve a mind to drop me a line at my email. Love that Challenger … got myself a 96 Mustang GT 4.5 convertible and it needs detailing 🙂 …

    Cheers. Alex … vajra

  3. Any chance you can send your baytech .net solution for the gui to control the outlets please? I would really appreciate not having to reinvent the wheel to expand it a bit. Thanks


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