Netgear GS716T Fan Fix

I’ve had this Netgear GS716T for about 5 years, even then I already bought it used from eBay. Couple of days ago the fans finally gave up the ghost. Replacing them is pretty trivial though as I’ve already replaced fans in several switches recently.

It’s easy enough to remove the cover as none of the screws are hidden and there are no “warranty void” stickers to remove.

The two existing 40mm fans. Turns out one was completely dead, the other was just about to ready to quit via a rather noisy bearing.

Interestingly enough, the fans are held in place via these “nuts” that get punched into the fan housing.

I’ve had few more 40mm fans laying around from my last Dell PowerConnect experiment. Same size but different specs. The new fans again are slightly slower / quieter than the original fans.

Once again had to pay attention to the pinout. Fortunately the GS716T does not use an RPM pin so it won’t even know if the fan is running slower or not.

The fan mounts tapped back into the new fans. Took quite a bit of force to get these in.

New fans mounted in place and switch ready to be closed up. The whole process took maybe 30 minutes. Hopefully will get more life out of the switch yet. Not the greatest switch in the world but perfect for my lab environment.

Piece of Cake.

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