Author: Tom Heiber

  • Agilent 6632B Repair & Front Panel conversion

    I picked up a “gently used” Agilent 6632B 0-20V, 0-5A Power Supply from Kijiji the other day. Seemed like a kick ass deal so I jumped on it. The power supply was in decent shape, a bit dirty but fully functional. This is my first pro grade DC power supply. Not only it is extremely […]

  • NAS/SAN Search 2014

    It’s been a while since I looked at what’s new in the software/server based SAN/NAS world. Last time I looked was probably 2-3 years ago and I ended up with NexentaStor Community 3 as it was the most complete, stable and feature rich SAN OS at the time. Fast forward to 2014, there’s been tremendous […]

  • Baytech RPC3 Remote Power Controller

    Thanks to another great find by members over at Serve The Home forums, I picked up a couple of Baytech RPC-3 remote PDUs for dirt cheap. Even though the Baytech Units are rated for 20Amps and come with a 20 amp plug, my home feed is only 15A so first order of business is to […]

  • Goodbye SugarSync

    In an effort to improve my security and privacy online I’ve finally dumped SugarSync for a self hosted solution. I’ve spent a few months looking for an alternate solution to SugarySync, i’ve tried OwnCloud which turned out to be a real disaster and landed on Seafile. While OwnCloud has a nicer GUI, it’s horribly buggy. […]

  • Another RC Flasher Build

    I built few more RC flasher boards. Few for friends and one more for another truck of mine. Same design as original but slightly different Arduino code.

  • RGB Fan Mod

    Few months ago I used some RGB LED lighting in my room (eBay China special). The setup uses an IR remote control and a control box to control the lighting. Power is supplied via a high current 12V power supply (10A supply) My “gaming” computer uses green LED fans which looks kind of odd when […]

  • VOIP at Home

    As part of a side project I jumped into the “exciting” world of VOIP and Telephony. Of course, as soon as someone mentioned VOIP or PBX I think Asterisk. Now, I’ve heard of Asterisk for years, and I’ve always considered setting up a PBX at home but I could never figure out how I would […]

  • Minuteman RPM1601 Smart Power Switch

    I did another border run recently to pick up some more eBay goodies. Over the last month or so I scored some incredible deals on server hardware. Picked up a couple of Intel SR1680MV Dual node servers, my favorite in 1U config right now. A really cheap HP Storageworks MSA70 with 25 Trays and some […]

  • I’m Rich!

    Well, not quite. But I decided to dabble a bit in coin mining. Not BitCoin though, as that’s a lost cause for small miners since ASICs have taken over the job and now it’s a game for the people with really deep pockets. Instead I decided to take a crack at LiteCoin for GPU Mining […]

  • New RC Car – Vaterra Kemora

    A while ago a buddy of mine introduced me to a small 1:14 scale rally car. The Vaterra Kemora. It’s decently well made, small RC car that comes with a brushless motor (4500KV) and even a Spektrum 2-channel radio. All for under $200. What really amazing about the price of the kit is that the […]

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