Traxxas Slash 4×4 – Short Course

This is my Traxxas Slash 4×4 Short Course truck.

I bought this truck used along with tons of tools and spare parts. From what I can best figure the truck started its life as the Ultimate but some components were modified by the original owner. I’ve since made my own modifications and swapped tons of parts. The truck uses stock VXL Motor and ESC for now. The current shock config seems to work very well for light off-road action on clay track. For transmission I’m still using the slipper clutch tightened at 1/4 turn out.

Current Configuration

Front Diff Oil 10K
Rear Diff Oil 7K
Front Shock Oil 40 Weight
Front Springs Losi Red, Progressive
Front Piston Single Hole
Rear Shock Oil 35 Weight
Rear Springs Losi Red, Progressive
Rear Piston Single Hole
Pinion Gear 13 Tooth
Spur Gear 54 Tooth
Tires Pro-Line Gladiators
Sway Bars (Front/Rear) Black

The truck has received a lot of upgrades over stock.

Big Bore Aluminum Shocks (Traxxas 5862).

RPM Front and Rear A-Arms (RPM 80702). RPM Front Bumper & Skid Plate (RPM 80025)

Blue Anodized Caster Block (Traxxas 6832X) and Steering Block (Traxxas 6837X)

RPM Nerf Bars (RPM 80622)

RPM Roof Light Bar (RPM 80922) using 1W White LEDs (build process here)

RPM Rear Bumper (RPM 80125)

FLM Machined aluminum motor mount (FLM26250)

RC Screwz Stainless Steel Screw Set (TRA039)

Integy Heatsink and Fan Combo and VXL Cooling Fan (Traxxas 3340)

Pro-Line Gladiator Tires [M2] mounted on Renegade Wheels (1169-13)

Pro-Line Screw-In adjustable body mounts (6087-00)

– Other Upgrades

  • Traxxas Blue Anodized Aluminum Rear bearing carriers (1952X)
  • Traxxas Blue Anodized Aluminum Bearing Adapter (6893X)
  • Traxxas hardened drive hub (6888X)
  • Fast Eddy Bearing Kit

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