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  • NAS/SAN Search 2014

    It’s been a while since I looked at what’s new in the software/server based SAN/NAS world. Last time I looked was probably 2-3 years ago and I ended up with NexentaStor Community 3 as it was the most complete, stable and feature rich SAN OS at the time. Fast forward to 2014, there’s been tremendous […]

  • Baytech RPC3 Remote Power Controller

    Thanks to another great find by members over at Serve The Home forums, I picked up a couple of Baytech RPC-3 remote PDUs for dirt cheap. Even though the Baytech Units are rated for 20Amps and come with a 20 amp plug, my home feed is only 15A so first order of business is to […]

  • Goodbye SugarSync

    In an effort to improve my security and privacy online I’ve finally dumped SugarSync for a self hosted solution. I’ve spent a few months looking for an alternate solution to SugarySync, i’ve tried OwnCloud which turned out to be a real disaster and landed on Seafile. While OwnCloud has a nicer GUI, it’s horribly buggy. […]

  • RGB Fan Mod

    Few months ago I used some RGB LED lighting in my room (eBay China special). The setup uses an IR remote control and a control box to control the lighting. Power is supplied via a high current 12V power supply (10A supply) My “gaming” computer uses green LED fans which looks kind of odd when […]

  • VOIP at Home

    As part of a side project I jumped into the “exciting” world of VOIP and Telephony. Of course, as soon as someone mentioned VOIP or PBX I think Asterisk. Now, I’ve heard of Asterisk for years, and I’ve always considered setting up a PBX at home but I could never figure out how I would […]

  • Minuteman RPM1601 Smart Power Switch

    I did another border run recently to pick up some more eBay goodies. Over the last month or so I scored some incredible deals on server hardware. Picked up a couple of Intel SR1680MV Dual node servers, my favorite in 1U config right now. A really cheap HP Storageworks MSA70 with 25 Trays and some […]

  • New Project Idea!

    Ok. Not much detail yet. But I have a couple of Beaglebone Blacks and a couple of Raspberry PIs on the way. Guess I should brush up on my Python….. Update: Sept 12, 2013 The BeagleBone and RasPi boards have arrived. Really looking forward to seeing what they can do. I still can’t get over […]

  • iPXE on Dell C6100 (BIOS Mod)

    My step by step instructions on modifying the Dell PowerEdge C6100 BIOS firmware to replace the stock Intel iSCSI/PXE bootloader with the much more versatile iPXE firmware. Some of iPXE features include boot from ATA over Ethernet, FCoE, Infiniband network, HTTP web server and of course iSCSI. It supports an advanced scripting environment that can […]

  • Upgrading Dell C6100 BIOS

    These are my step-by-step instructions how to safely upgrade the Dell PowerEdge C6100 without bricking the nodes. Couple of points: If your service tag is not on Dell Site, you can not upgrade. Forcing the flash will likely brick your node. Always upgrade the BMC first. BMC must be upgraded on ALL nodes in the […]

  • More Servers

    Did another border run to pick up a pair of Dell PowerEdge C6100 cloud servers plus some other goodies. More info regarding the C6100’s coming soon….

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