Category: Programming

  • New Project Idea!

    Ok. Not much detail yet. But I have a couple of Beaglebone Blacks and a couple of Raspberry PIs on the way. Guess I should brush up on my Python….. Update: Sept 12, 2013 The BeagleBone and RasPi boards have arrived. Really looking forward to seeing what they can do. I still can’t get over […]

  • New Web Site

    Been spending some free time lately learning some new technologies and improving my knowledge of others. End result: Implemented with C# 2012, ASP.Net, SQL 2012. Using .Net Framework 4.5, Entity Framework 5.0, WCF. Latest Telerik for Ajax release. Extensive use of Linq (Linq2Sql), Lambda expressions. In-Memory image manipulation. Video decoding/encoding. SEO Optimization using URL […]

  • New Program – Start Usage

    Developed a small tool to monitor Bandwidth usage for Start Communications. Details here

  • Teensy + USB Raw HID + C# = Eureka!

    I’ve spent at least 3 days converting my Amp Delay Service from Serial communication to Raw HID communication protocol. My CarPC was using at one point 5 COM ports for the various devices connected to it. Iw was becoming a real pain keeping track of each COM port and the actual device that it represents. […]

  • Gauge Pod 2.0 Development

    Been busy coding away on the Gauge Pod software. It’s coming along nicely. I’ve taken a slightly different approach from the first version and the code is turning out to be a lot simpler. Still using layered architecture to separate Sensors, Gauges, Communication and UI but I changed how the layers interact with each other. […]

  • Gauge Pod 2.0 – Sender (pt 2)

    I’ve spent about 2 days on dealing with the ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) of the Arduino platform. Turns out there’s more problems to overcome when dealing with taking analog signal from a sensor and converting it to meaningful digital reading. The issue is that even with a constant input voltage the ADC reading sampling […]

  • GaugePod – Rev 2

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how to best redo my GaugePod program for my Carputer project. Existing Problems (and potential solutions): Program sometimes crashes on resume from hibernate. Need to determine what causes this. This started when upgraded from Atom to I3 Motherboard/CPU. Perhaps Mobo not sending proper signal to […]

  • Build ffmpeg under Centos 6 x64

    Installing ffmpeg under CentOS with all the plugins enabled is no easy task apparently. The only way to get it working properly is to build it from scratch. This process was compiled from lists and forums on the internet Add DAG Repo to your Yum Repo list if it’s not already added. Run Update to […]

  • KaskingoDMM -> UltraDMM

    KaskingoDMM is now UltraDMM It has reached a first official release at v1.0.1 The site still looks like crap. Still working on getting it set up.

  • KaskingoDMM Update

    I’ve released an update to the multimeter application. Grab the latest version here. Changes since last release: – Added Chart Display – Added Temperature Mode support – Added AC/DC Display to Voltage/Current Gauges – Added Hz/Duty % to Frequency Gauges – Added Export to Excel in Meter Log – Added Trigger Disable feature – Performance […]

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