YPool Monitor

It’s a work-in-progress so might or might not crash. Will be updated semi-regularly.

Currently only supports XPM, MTC and PTS. Will add support for other coins if requested.



ClickOnce Installer YPoolMonitor_1.0.2

V1.0.1 Updates
– Added support for MTC Metiscoin
– Payout Notification and Alerts
– Some performance improvements, reduced number of server round trips

V1.0.2 Updates
– Fixed issue where Payout Alert wouldn’t work sometimes
– Added stat summary
(should really add version checking to the program)

Disclaimer: I do my best to keep my system clean of malware, viruses (never had one, so I must be doing it right). But it’s always best to scan anything you download from the web for safety’s sake. I don’t want to be responsible for any damage caused by any files downloaded from this site. Also, there’s NO Third-Party applications bundled with this. Just the app, nothing more.

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