MinerXMR Worker Monitoring Tool

My little contribution to the Monero community. Handy little tool that runs in your tray and monitors your workers mining on pools. Will send alerts if worker stops mining, a payout occurs, hashrate drops. Estimates time till next payout. Per-Worker charts, etc.

New Features since 1.0
+ Support multiple pools (with pool hopping miners)
+ Supports most node-js-pool and node-cryptonode-pool pools
+ Custom Pools
+ Alerts on hashrate drop
+ Custom currency display
+ Authenticated mail server / SSL support (For Gmail generate a custom app password (Mail/Windows Computer) in google settings, SSL Enable, port 587)
+ Pool hashrate charts
+ Earnings charts
+ One click SSH to miner
+ Worker Notes
+ Search miner

Link: XMRMonitor1.2

Runs on Windows/.Net 4.6. Sorry Linux people.