New Mail Server – The Search

Final Thoughts

Looks like I have a few packages to try. In the order

1. Zimbra
2. Axigen
3. Synovel

I’ll start with Zimbra and if it does everything I need the search will be over. Otherwise I’ll move to Axigen and try to configure ClamAV/SpamAssassin integration.

Finally, I understand that on many occasions Free != Good, but most Linux programs are an absolute pain to install. I don’t consider myself a Linux newbie, I’ve been using CentOS for 8 years with Mandriva and Fedora years before that. But I still don’t get how many developers expect users to jump through so many hoops trying to get their software working. I still see many problems with current implementation of package management, required compiling etc just to get stuff working. Meh, enough ranting. Onto the next project….

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  1. Found your site when searching for info on the Intel Dual node 1U server and then stumbled upon this thread. Save yourself some time and choose zimbra. I’ve already done most of the research for you and its the best available if you want a fully featured mail server. Also, you might want to look into zextras for things like activesync, backups, etc a few other tools. Well worth the small extra investment.

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