Build Phase 2

In spring 2011, it was time to step up the power. Few phone calls later and once again UPS/Fedex are making regular stops.


First to arrive was the Magnuson 2.3L Supercharger unit


Fore dual pump fuel hat + 2 Walbro fuel pumps


Arrington air intake for the blower


I was going to take it nice and slow doing this build. Wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any steps or screw anything up. It was my first supercharge install.


Put the car up on 4 jacks for easy access.


Removed the front clip and bumper


Intake Manifold removed and head inlets taped up to make sure something doesn’t accidentally end up in the engine.


Installed the intercooler system. Pump, Reservoir and heat exchanger.


Intercooler coolant reservoir mounted to an existing bolt.


Intercooler mounted in front of the radiator. Unfortunately, it’s greatly reduced the cooling capacity of the radiator and caused the car to overheat when stuck in traffic in ~28C+ temperaturs


Blower unit installed. Still using the stock throttle body.

Ran into an issue though regarding the PCV valve. The Magnuson unit I got doesn’t have a PCV port on the side as specified in the manual, but I recall hearing of multiple revisions of the Maggie unit. A quick Google search found no less than 4 different revisions of the manual each one with changes to the install process.

So couple of things regarding my unit. No PCV port on the unit and apparently the kit didn’t come with the Oil Separator.

Bolted the blower tub to the heads today. I gotta say 106 in-lbs is not helluva torque, definitely seems low.

Still a bit of PCV plumbing left and gotta run down the fuel tank so I can swap the pumps as I’m still at 1/2 tank.

Remaining Todo:
– Purge Intercooler of Air (having trouble with priming the intercooler pump)
– Purge Water pump of Air
– Install Dayco Tensioner
– PCV Plumbing
– Fuel Hat + Wiring
– Mount the Power Steering cooler, still mulling this one over on how to do it best.
– Reassemble the fascia
– Base Tune (waiting on AJ)


Car all buttoned up. And Running!


Dyno Run with the Blower at 8psi.





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