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First thing’s first. In order to download the product, a user is required to register on the site to receive a product key via email to activate the software. I received my product key about an hour after registration. Fortunately the key is not tied to any specific hardware.

Once the wizard finished installing the files to the server. A new configuration wizard popped up.

Again very simple, straightforward configuration. Few more clicks and the mail server was up and running

The admin link was displayed at the end of the wizard configuration which included the admin credentials.

The admin web user interface is actually very slick. Tons of configuration options allow for a lot of fine tuning.

Though I did run into a few hiccups right off the bat.

At this time Axigen was running in trial mode with all the features enabled. It was time to see how the software operated in “Community Edition” mode. This of course meant uploading the license file that was emailed to me after registration.

Uh oh. Uploading the license file seemed to have killed the management session. A simple reload of the base URL and I was back at the login screen.

But unfortunately, the license file killed all the features that I was interested in. As I didn’t want to spend too much time on trying to figure out how to get the “external” AV/AntiSpam features functional in the first round. It was time to move on to the next product.


  • Kaspersky AntiSpam/AntiVirus (in paid version)
  • Supports SpamAssasin (external)
  • Support ClamAV (external)
  • Very nice looking Web UI
  • Easy to install, supports both Windows and Linux

Conclusion: Definitely worth taking a second look if I can’t find what I’m looking for in the first round.

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  1. Found your site when searching for info on the Intel Dual node 1U server and then stumbled upon this thread. Save yourself some time and choose zimbra. I’ve already done most of the research for you and its the best available if you want a fully featured mail server. Also, you might want to look into zextras for things like activesync, backups, etc a few other tools. Well worth the small extra investment.

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