Gauge Pod 2.0 Development

Been busy coding away on the Gauge Pod software. It’s coming along nicely. I’ve taken a slightly different approach from the first version and the code is turning out to be a lot simpler. Still using layered architecture to separate Sensors, Gauges, Communication and UI but I changed how the layers interact with each other. The update performance has gone up dramatically. Using the Gauge Pod Sender in USB mode has also greatly reduced overhead and feeds data incredibly fast.

I’m currently in the testing phase of the software but looking good so far. The gauges are VERY stable compared to the last version. Will start testing the software on the car in the next few weeks as time permits. Can’t wait to try this in the car.

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  1. Hello,
    I stumbled on this build as I am trying to do something similar. I have a 1939 Dodge 1.5 ton truck, I will be using a motor, ECM and wiring out of a 1995 Dodge ram 2500 with a Cummins diesel. I want to be able to view sensors that were not around 76 years ago on a touch screen. Sadly I do not possess your skills or knowledge, I can take direction fairly well and am fairly handy… but no EE. So would you be interested in duplicating your successful build for a fee? I want 2 turbo boost sensors, Trans Temp, EGT, Tachometer, maybe something else but those are the main things. Since my vehicle does not have an OBDII port I will need to add sensors for each of the above mentioned items.
    If you are not able or willing to build it for me for a fee, would you be willing to share more details on how you finally built it, and programming?


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