NAS/SAN Search 2014


OpenMediaVault is yet another filer OS I’ve heard of over the years but never got a chance to try.

When attempting to install OpenMediavault I’ve right away ran into an issue where the ISOLINUX loader would hang right at boot. After a bit of Googling I found that the fix is to disable the Serial port on the machine.

Overall the rest of the install went pretty straight forward and the OS seems pretty stable, but there’s absolutely nothing that makes it stand out from FreeNAS or NAS4Free. The list of available plugins is rather short. Performance is on par with the other operating systems. iSCSI is available but needs to be installed as a plugin. The lack of real embedded support is also kind of a downer since the storage requirements for the OS are very small.


– Plugins
– Easy RAID-10 creation but slow to initialize

– HDD based install. USB Install works but will kill the flash over time
– Apply configuration very slow
– No ZFS

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