iPXE on Dell C6100 (BIOS Mod)

It’s now time to flash the new BIOS onto the server. This is accomplished in exactly the same way as flashing the stock bios. For this we only need the AFUDOS.exe file and our new ROM file.

Boot the node from USB stick and flash the BIOS

C:\IPXE>afudos 6100v1~1.rom /b /p /n /c /x


The flash process will proceed as if it was flashing the stock Dell BIOS.

Once the flash program finished. Reboot the machine and go into the BIOS setting screen. Go to PCI Settings and change NIC Function Support to PXE and disable NIC2 Option ROM. NIC2 is not needed as the iPXE script will automatically attempt to boot off of NIC2 if NIC1 boot is unsuccessful.

Save the settings and let the machine reboot. If all went well you should be greeted by the iPXE init screen.

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