Yihua 852D+SE Rework Station

Picked up this solder station on Kijiji yesterday. Seen those units on eBay prior, figured might as well pick up locally and save myself the shipping fees and the 3 week lead time.

Been reading about these units online for a while. Basically same factory cranks these out under various brand names (Hakko, Yihua, Xytronix, etc).

The premise is all the same. Ability to solder SMD/SMT and of course ability to remove components.

The unit came nicely packaged. The guy I bought it from also threw in an additional ceramic heating element and 5 more soldering tips. Additional focus heads would would be nice, but I’m sure I can find those on eBay for cheap.

The soldering iron itself does feel a bit cheap. Haven’t tried soldering with it yet, so will have a more accurate opinion of it at that time.I wish the soldering iron base was a bit heavier though. I don’t like when they slide around when trying to park the iron it on. Will see if I can weigh it down a bit since the inside of it is hollow.

The air gun is rather nice though. It heats up quickly and moves fair bit of air on high setting. Again, I haven’t tried it on an actual board yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. The air gun does shut off automatically when placed in the cradle which is a nice feature, but considering the source, I’ll be sure to shut off the unit when I’m not using it.

Overall, this is a pretty decent unit for what I costs. Hopefully the soldering tips will last a fair bit, I used to have a cheapie soldering iron and it was going through tips so much that it was just more cost effective to buy a more expensive soldering iron with a tip that lasted a very long time.

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