SR1680MV – Continued

SR1680MV’s will be receiving some eBay low profile nics that arrived today. Intel Pro/1000 Dual Port PCI-e x4 cards.

I originally mounted them in the second server ‘s backplane. This SR1680MV was originally supposed to run ProxMox but it occurred to me that it would be a better solution to have one node from each server run ProxMox and the other node vSphere. This is because these servers do not have redundant power supplies. So that if one server’s power supply fails, my entire infrastructure won’t come crashing down.At worst, one node from each cluster will be affected, not the entire cluster.

I’ve added the new power LED’s to the second set of nodes too. All racked up and ready for testing. I’m hoping to have these servers racked up in the datacenter by next weekend.


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