Awesome Logitech Speakers (X-140)

A while ago I picked up a pair of Logitech X-140 speakers, mainly to be used a background noise when working in the garage or the shop. Well, today they decided to stop working. So, I took them apart to see if I can figure out the cause of the failure.

Logitech advertises these as “Two-Driver Speakers” to experience “deeper bass”.

So imagine my surprise when I opened them up. So much for two drivers. The other “speaker” is just a passive diaphragm. There is only one “driver” per speaker. Talk about being cheated. Though, I can’t really expect much from $30 worth of computer speakers.

Anyways, it turned out to be a power wire that got loose due to shoddy soldering. A quick soldering job and the speakers were as good as new (i.e. not that good).

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  2. Hello I have the same speakers; i can hear background music but i can not hear the voices. I opened up both speakers and all wires and capacitors seem to be in good shape. Do you know what this might be? and also a solution to fix them

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