Dell PowerEdge R710 (yet again)

Another decent Kijiji score. Picked up this nicely loaded R710 for a great price. The guy even delivered it.

I asked the guy to swap a few drives for a pair of 450GB 15K SAS drives. I’ll then use these drives to complete the 6 drive array of my last R710 I got.

The server is filled with 4GB modules for a total of 72GB. This will be the perfect server to try Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V 3.0. I’ve been really looking forward to Hyper-V 3.0. It’s supposed to be the vSphere killer and there are quite a few things that really annoy me about vSphere. If Microsoft has these covered, I just might switch.

The new server racked up and getting ready to run a burn-in test. I usually run all servers I get with at least a few hours of CPU/Memory Stress test.

This is a perfect opportunity to retire a couple of servers at one of the data centers. Gone will be another PowerEdge 2950 III and an Intel SR1550 Server.
I actually might re-purpose the SR1550 as my NexentaStor file server at home. With 8 2.5″ SAS bays, it’ll be perfect addition to the home storage. This will also free up yet another 2950, though this one is only Gen 2.

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