Traxxas 6814 Center Differential Rebuild

So a couple of friend and I decided to have a little bit of fun at a construction site near one of my buddies place. All was in great fun until my truck suddenly decided to stop.

Turns out that the center slipper clutch was completely seized. This in turn caused the spur gear to be stripped (again).

When I got home, I dissembled the slipper clutch. The thing was completely filled with clay. It was in fact solid.

This is my first attempt at rebuilding the diff and since I don’t have the original manual for it, I’ll have to do without it.

The diff disassembled. I was able to knock off some of the larger chunks of oil and clay. But the gear-set is still completely gunked up with the stuff.

I didn’t have a heavy duty degreaser that could remove the heavy silicone oil from the case. I ended up using nitro cleaner, brake cleaner and good ole toothbrush to get the parts clean. Took me over an hour to get all the parts completely free of debris. I’ll have to pick up some real engine degreaser to help me remove the stuff in the future.

The construction of the diff is actually pretty simple.

I used 50K weight silicone oil to fill the diff case. This stuff is pretty thick but I did saw that it was seeping a bit through the output shaft holes. Will have to keep an eye on it. Used a bit of blue threadlock to secure the set screws.

All done. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the rear diff. It looks smoked too.

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