Windows 8 – Round 2

My new computer parts came in today. Nothing too fancy. Just an Intel I5 3570K + Asus P8Z77-V LK. The big thing for me is that the new motherboards supports 32GB of RAM so now running a beefy 8GB RAM Disk for Temp storage, and still plenty of RAM left to run several virtual machines. The only fancy component is an EVGA GTX 670 video card that drives 2 of my 3 monitors.

As part of the new machine build process I installed Windows 8 RTM. And I’m pleased to say, the install process was much smoother this time. Most of installers had to be set to Windows 7 Compatibility Mode to successfully install but most software and drivers so far work fine. Originally I was using a Creative X-Fi Card for sound, this time around I used the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude card that I recently pulled from my media PC. The Windows 7 drivers off the web site seem to work fine so far.

Glad to see that VPN is also fixed, which was a deal breaker for me in the RC version.

Couple of things still irk me. UAC can not be fully disabled without a registry tweak. Video files default to launch with a Video app that doesn’t seem to exist. Start Up folder no longer clearly acessible and of course the start screen gets populated with TONS of garbage shortcuts as software gets installed.

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