SR1680MV – More Testing

I picked up a whole bunch of Western Digital Velociraptors. These are 10,000 RPM SATA “Prosumer” versions of enterprise drives. They’re basically high performance, RAID ready drives priced for the computer enthusiast. I’ll be using these to provide boot and local storage to the SR1680MV nodes running ProxMox since the servers do not support SAS drives which is rather odd for server hardware.

Since the SR1680MV’s take in 2.5″ drives, I had to remove the drives from the “Ice Pack”. But oh, what’s this? Western Digital uses “tamper-proof” screws to secure the drives to the Ice Pack.

It’s only tamper-proof if nobody can actually tamper with it.

Couple of minutes later and I have some nice 2.5″ 10K drives ready for installation into the servers. Additionally, the Ice Packs can be reused to mount 2.5″ SAS or SSD drives into 3.5″ how-swap bays!

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