I’m Rich!

Well, not quite.

But I decided to dabble a bit in coin mining. Not BitCoin though, as that’s a lost cause for small miners since ASICs have taken over the job and now it’s a game for the people with really deep pockets. Instead I decided to take a crack at LiteCoin for GPU Mining and PrimeCoin for CPU Mining.

So after about 72 hours of LiteCoin mining

and after 24 hours of PrimeCoin mining

Can’t quite buy a Aston just yet….oh well.

So, why CPU Mining? Simple, I have crap load of servers that are just sitting idle most of the time, might as well put them to work. A lot of them were sitting turned off. These weren’t even that old machine, many with Dual X5550 CPUs.
For all I know the whole CryptoCurrency market could crash tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. This is purely an experiment and really my goal is to break even (on hydro) rather than actually make any meaningful amount of money.

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